Who We Are

We believe that most people want to do good. 
We believe that most people want to be better versions of themselves.

We have a responsibility as a society to make it easier to do so. This is especially true given how many current societal forces push us to be worse versions of ourselves, from how we eat and live, to how we work and interact with each other. 
We believe that people want autonomy, and people want purpose. 
And we believe that each person has their own set of interests and skills and if they can use those to make a difference, people feel better and the world is a better place.

Evie Rosset, PhD

An experimental psychologist by training, Evie has spent most of her career with one foot in academia (in teaching and research) and the other one out (exploring real world applications). She is particularly interested in social well-being and pro-social behaviour – our desire to help others, create connection, and contribute to the greater good. Originally from Boston, she now lives in Lyon, France.


Matthieu Fouché

A clinical psychologist by training, Matthieu has spend the past decade exploring the intersection of mental health and social entrepreneurship, particulalrly in disadvantaged communities. He is especially interested in issues of empowerment and social change. Originally from France, Matthieu now lives in Vietnam.


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