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Learn the step-by-step program to give workshops and empower others. We have four courses to choose from to allow you to give Maac workshops with confidence. 

Our motivation to help others is overlooked and underused.

Our motivation to help others is one of the strongest sources of motivation we have, and we often don't even consider it. Think about yourself. Have you ever been more motivated to do something for someone else than for yourself?

We need to break through society's ambient cynicism and take advantage of this. We need to give everyone more opportunity to do good for others. 

This is not naive. This is backed by empirical evidence from world-renowned labs and from our daily experience. Cynicism is overrated, and has never been a source for change.

Learn the Method

Concrete tools

20 exercises, each explained in short videos. Facilitator manual, participant workbook, and much more.


Meet others working towards the same goal. Learn from them, share your experience, expand your network.

Innovative (really)

This is the only method we know of that uses pro-social motivation to increase individual and societal well-being.


We have distilled decades of research from cognitive psychology behavioural change, and neuroscience into the easy-to-use method.

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Maac Pack

All you need to get started.

12 Week Self-Paced Course

25 Video Lessons

Theory & Troubleshooting

Facilitator Manual (pdf)

Participant Workbook (pdf)

Learn more


Maac Pro

To use Maac in an organisation.

Everything in Maac Pack

Three Live Masterclasses

Guided Practice with Peers

Access to Live Q&A Sessions

Internal Communication Kit

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Maac Coach

To apply Maac as a freelance.

Everything in Maac Pro

Prospection Kit

External Communication Kit

Advanced Training Modules

Small Group Live Seminars

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Maac Circle

To create a Maac career.

Everything in Maac Coach

Circle Coaching Sessions

Career Launching Kit

Networking Opportunities

1:1 Mentoring with Evie

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Where Maac is Applied

Health & Social Services


Empowerment, self-determination, autonomy... Few professionals doubt the value and importance of these concepts, but many find it difficult translating that understanding into action.


Helping others is empowering, and often under-used with 'vulnerable' populations. Maac offers concrete tools to social workers, psychologists, and other support professionals.

Download the pdf

Youth & Education


Discover a new kind of service learning with lesson plans, exercises, and discussion topics that draw out young people's (often overlooked) altruistic motivation. This can be applied within the classroom, after school, or in other youth programs.


We've designed this to give educators time, with ready-to-use worksheets, videos explaining the exercises, and everything you need to get started.

Download the pdf

Businesses & Organisations


Maac is unique in allowing all employees to find a personalised project with impact. This has been found to be key for employee engagement and wellbeing. 

We offer a suite of easy exercises adapted to the work environment. Maac can be particularly effective for giving corporate social responsibility, volunteering, and social impact programs a boost.

Download the pdf

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1. Choose the plan that suits your needs

From autonomous learning to individualised coaching, we have a plan for everyone.

2. Access a wealth of tools

Explanatory videos, how-to worksheets, workbooks, live seminars, drop-in Q&A sessions, and so much more.

3. Change people’s lives

Lead workshops. Inspire action. Have impact.

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They’ve done it!

‘Truly inspirational. I left each session buzzing with enthusiasm. Maac should be delivered as a matter of course in all educational institutions, places of work and social sectors.’


Henny, New Zealand

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a program I use. Can I combine it with maac?

Absolutely. Your expertise is valuable. Maac can be used on its own, but we have also designed it to integrate easily with other programs. Mix and match away.

Do you have a free option?

Our free guide (below) may be enough! Our Maac Pack option is also very affordable and includes everything you need to do workshops: all the exercises, troubleshooting and theory, explanatory videos, etc.

What if I don't find it helpful?

We refund any cent you’ve paid, no questions asked. We want everyone to be as enthusiastic about Maac as we are, and we sincerely prefer to refund you if it’s not the case. This is really risk-free.

I work within an organisation. Will this work for me?

Definitely. In our Maac Pro package, we provide resources to help integrate this into your organisation, including posters for waiting rooms, communication tips, sample emails, and more.

I’m self-employed. Will this work for me?

Yes! About half of the people who train on Maac do so independently. You’ll find lots of resources to get started with the Maac Coach offer, including how to attract clients, an external communication kit, and more.

Could I make a living off this? Or even a career?

Please do! Our Maac Circle offer is designed to help you develop Maac into a fruitful professional activity, with a host of tools, small group sessions, and personalised support to get you started.

Other Questions?

We’d love to hear from you.

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