An online course to give workshops using the Maac Method.

Learn the step-by-step program
and concrete tools to empower others today.

What you'll get


Three half-day classes to understand all the exercises and the theory behind them.

Great atmosphere

Small groups of 8 people, live and interactive, with online convenience.

Concrete tools

Facilitator manual & participant workbooks to make everything easy.

Continued support

With access to regular drop-in sessions for questions, tips, and connecting to other Maac Leads.

Empowerment, self-determination, autonomy… Few professionals doubt the value and importance of these concepts, but many find it difficult translating that understanding into action.

Our approach is based on the idea that it is often easier, and more rewarding, to help others than help oneself.

Areas of Application

Health & Social Services

Helping others is empowering, and often under-used with 'vulnerable' populations. Maac offers concrete tools to social workers, psychologists, and other support professionals.

Youth & Education

Discover a new kind of service learning with lesson plans, exercises, and discussion topics that draw out young people's (often overlooked) altruistic motivation.

Businesses & Organisations

Maac is unique in allowing all employees to find a personalised project with impact. We offer a suite of easy exercises adapted to the work environment.

Get Started Today

1. Register

We'll let you know dates for the next available courses.

2. Attend training

Spend three mornings online, with a small group of like-minded professionals.

3. Empower others

You'll have all the tools you need to apply it to the setting you decide.

What people say about the training

"Truly inspirational. I left each session buzzing with enthusiasm. Maac should be delivered as a matter of course in all educational institutions, places of work and social sectors."

"Maac is really really great. It goes way beyond what it is designed for and there is so much thought, knowledge and actual caring put into. Well done, really, it’s amazing."

"I am totally inspired by this creative and practical piece of art. It has a solid founding but it is light and attractive for participants. Perfect!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Done over six 90 minute Zoom sessions, the masterclass includes the theoretical background behind Maac, a description of the 20 exercises that make up the program, and discussion.

  • Theoretical background: Self Determination Theory, Altruistic Motivation, Behavioural Change
  • The Maac Program: The 20 exercises, suggestions for running a group, additional tips for smooth workshops.
  • Discussion: With a small group of diverse, but like-minded people, discussions are often the richest learning experiences. Here we share ideas of why certain exercises may work better in certain situations, possible hiccoughs, and other ideas.

After attending the Masterclass, you are not left on your own! The masterclass can feel like a lot of information to digest and apply effectively. Many coaches feel reassured that they only need to prepare for their first workshop, which is followed by a debriefing session with Evie or Matthieu, to discuss issues, questions and reflections that came up. Because we are still small, we are able to do personalised supervision for our first coaches who sign up. This will no doubt shift into small group drop-in meetings as Maac develops.

We hold regular online drop-in meetings. These are helpful to share questions and best practices with other coaches and feel a part of the Maac community.

  • Facilitator Manual: This is your personal workshop guide, with a description of the 20 exercises, including Objectives, Background, Procedure, Instructions, and Additional Tips. Available as a pdf, or as a hardcopy upon request.
  • Participant Workbook: To make the exercises easier for your workshop participants, this includes worksheets for the exercises, and space for taking notes and exploring ideas. Available as a pdf, or as hardcopies upon request.

We regularly update exercises and add others. We also plan to create videos of additional theory and an online resource library; all ‘early-adopters’ will have full access.

If you feel the training hasn’t been useful, we would be grateful if you let us refund your payment. Anyone who is less-than-enthusiastic is bad for a small-but-growing business like ours. In addition, ethically it doesn’t sit well with us. So we have a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Just tell us within 30 days if you don’t think it brought you the value you expected and we will give you a refund.

Class size is limited to 8 people. This ensures an interactive and personalised training session where everyone gets to know each other.

The training is delivered by Maac's co-founders, Evie Rosset, PhD, and Matthieu Fouché. Evie generally delivers the trainings in English and Matthieu delivers the trainings in French.

  • The training for is done over three 3 hour sessions, delivered via Zoom.
  • These are most frequently scheduled three mornings in one week, from 9.30-11 / 11.30-13 CET.

  • The training costs 350€ per person.
  • We are a non-profit, so there is no additional VAT.

Visuel guide d'animation

Download our free guide to get a taste of the exercises, and maybe even find a maac that works for you!

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We plan trainings at regular intervals, and will keep you posted well in advance.
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S'inscrire à une formation

Nous organisons des formations à intervalle régulier. Les prochaines auront lieu au printemps 2022. Chaque session est limitée à 8 personnes. Nous vous recommandons donc de vous inscrire un peu en avance.

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S'inscrire à un sprint

Les sprints Maac fonctionnent encore mieux si vous participez en duo avec un ami ou un proche qui serait intéressé. Avez-vous en tête quelqu’un à qui vous pourriez proposer cela ?

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Sign up for a Sprint

Sprints can be more fun with a friend, especially if you want to really do your project after, so feel free to think about someone who might be interested in doing it with you, and forward them this link.

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