About Maac Lab

About Maac Lab

What does maac mean?

Maac stands for Massively Accessible Actions for Change. We created an acronym to emphasize that this is a new way of helping and thus deserves its own word.

Maacs are small, highly personalised projects that are energising and rewarding. (In French we call them micro-actions altruistes créatives).

What is the Maac Lab?

The Maac Lab is the organization we set up to promote maacs.

We have three programs: Maac Work, Maac Social and Maac Youth. Maac Work is designed for businesses. We train coaches to run workshops in organisations. Maac Social is designed for organisations in the health and human services sector (addiction clinics, homeless shelters, nursing homes, prisons). We train social workers, psychologists, and other professionals to run the workshops with the people they support. Maac Youth is designed for schools, after-school programs, and youth centers. We train teachers and other educators to run the workshops with young people.


Evie Rosset, PhD

An experimental psychologist by training, Evie has spent most of her career with one foot in academia (in teaching and research) and the other one out (exploring real world applications). She is particularly interested in social well-being and pro-social behaviour – our desire to help others, create connection, and contribute to the greater good. Originally from Boston, she now lives in Lyon.

Matthieu Fouché

Trained as a clinical psychologist, Matthieu has worked on migration programs in France, community action in Rwanda, and mental health in Vietnam. He is especially interested in issues of empowerment and social change. Originally from a small town in the French Alps, Matthieu now lives in Lyon.