Maac Youth

Help young people discover the satisfaction of making a difference.

Maac Youth

Help young people discover the satisfaction of making a difference.

A new kind of service learning.

Many educators recognise the value of encouraging young people to look outside of themselves and towards serving others. Finding effective ways to do so, however, can be challenging.
The Maac Youth program, developed and piloted over three years by a team of researchers and educators, is based on an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of engagement and altruistic motivation, designed so that even the most recalcitrant student may look forward to class.

The Maac Youth Program saves precious planning time for teachers with a series of concrete lesson plans, exercises, and simple activities that can be mixed and matched according to different educational settings.

Designed to satisfy the basic needs of autonomy, competence, and relatedness, students find themselves intrinsically motivated by their projects, and energised by the potential of what each of them can do to make a better world.

Theory driven

Developed from an in-depth understanding of the fundamental principles of engagement, altruistic motivation and behaviour change.

Creative Projects

Young people find motivation and purpose in 'owning' their projects that are adapted to their skills and interests.

Adaptable framework

Core principles easily adapted to different ages (13+), for in-school or after-school settings, in twelve 1-hour sessions.

Certified training for educators

Our online training allows educators to deliver the Maac Youth Program to young people in schools and other settings.

The Maac Youth Program is a series of lesson plans and activities to help young people create small, personalised projects with positive impact.

Online training in a nutshell

Personalised training

Ready to implement workshops

Ongoing support

Online training in more detail - click to expand.

Done over six 90 minute Zoom sessions, the masterclass includes the theoretical background behind Maac, a description of the 18 exercises that make up the Maac Youth Program, and discussion.

  • Theoretical Background: Self Determination Theory, Altruistic Motivation, Behavioural Change
  • The Maac Youth Program: The 18 core exercises, suggestions for running a group, additional tips for smooth workshops.
  • Discussion: With a small group of diverse, but like-minded people, discussions are often the richest learning experiences. Here we share ideas of why certain exercises may work better in certain situations, possible hiccoughs, and other ideas.

After attending the Masterclass, you are not left on your own! The masterclass can feel like a lot of information to digest and apply effectively. We hold weekly drop-in meetings to discuss issues, questions, and reflections that come up during your sessions. This is also a way for educators to share best practices and feel a part of the larger Maac community.

  • Facilitator Manual: This is your personal workshop guide, with a detailed description of each of the 18 exercises, including Objectives, Background, Procedure, Instructions, and more. Available as a pdf, or hardcopy upon request.
  • Participant Workbook: This is to make the exercises easier for all of your workshop participants. It includes worksheets for the exercises, and space for taking notes and exploring ideas. Available as a pdf, or hardcopy upon request.
  • Slide Templates: We provide you with slide templates to make preparing your sessions easier. You can adapt them as you wish.

We update exercises and add others. We also plan to create videos of additional theory and an online resource library; all ‘early-adopters’ will have full access.

If you feel the training hasn’t been useful, we would be grateful if you let us refund your payment. Anyone who is  less-than-enthusiastic is bad for a small-but-growing business like ours. In addition, ethically it doesn’t sit well with us. So we have a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Just tell us within 30 days if you don’t think it brought you value and we will give you a refund.

Class size is limited to 8 people.

This ensures an interactive and personalised training session where everyone gets to know each other as well as the trainers, Evie & Matthieu.

The training is done over six 90 minute sessions, currently done via Zoom.

Scheduling is flexible and can be three half days, or six days of 1h30 per day.

The program is designed to be done over a semester, with twelve 1-hour sessions in a classroom environment, or six 2-hour sessions in an after-school, camp, or recreational environment.

There is considerable flexibility, however. Depending on the students, the context (peers, relationship with facilitator, etc.) and the scope of the projects, the program can be run is as few as 8 sessions and as many as 16 sessions in schools, with comparable range in after-school environments.

There are so many!

Some recent project ideas include creating a “Tree of Hope” in the school's courtyard decorated with students’ wishes for the future, or forming a “Supermarket Hero Brigade” and coming to the rescue of elderly people who need help while shopping.

Other examples include distributing care-packages to homeless people, animal shelter visits, and creating a YouTube channel to raise awareness about LGBTQ experiences.

Although originally designed to be done in person, the Maac Youth Program can be adapted to an online learning environment.


We find, however, that being a part of a group is important, so if the workshops are done online, we strongly encourage the use of group activities, check-ins, etc.


The nature of the young people's projects may also be effected by the current situation, with more projects involving activities that can be done at home, and fewer involving contact. This is a bit of a shame, as we find that young people really enjoy the projects that being them into contact with others (e.g. they often prefer distributing crepes over writing a blog), but for now, we all do what we can!

The masterclass will be taught by the co-founders of the Maac Lab, Evie Rosset, PhD or Matthieu Fouché.

The training costs 285€ per person.

We are a non-profit, so there is no additional VAT.

Discounted rates apply when several people at the same school or institution want to be trained.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

Register for our next scheduled training

We plan training at regular intervals with our next dates in Spring 2021. Each session is limited to 8 people, so we recommend registering now to express your interest.

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“[Today’s young people] are looking for ways to make themselves useful to the world.”

Muhammad Yunus