Maac Work

For coaches, consultants, and companies that take social impact seriously.

Maac Work

For coaches, consultants, and companies that take social impact seriously.

Coaching for businesses with social impact.

We train coaches to apply Maac in businesses and other organisations.

Companies are increasingly trying to balance profit and purpose, in the interests of their communities, their customers, and their employees. Employees who feel their work allows them to make a difference are both more satisfied and more productive in their jobs.

After certification, coaches are autonomous to apply the Maac Work Program.

The Maac Work Program allows employees at all levels of the organisation to find a personalised project with impact. It is particularly relevant for businesses interested in making Corporate Social Responsibility and Volunteer Time Off schemes more effective and more rewarding.

Benefits for Coaches

Increase business

This is the only program of its kind, combining altruistic motivation, employee well-being and engagement.

Have impact

For each workshop you lead, you will impact 100 people on average. You can bring a positive impact to the lives of well over 1000 people every year.

New understanding

The theory and framework behind Maac often provides a shift in understanding about motivation and social connection, which can extend to other areas, both personal and professional.

Benefits for Businesses

Volunteer Time Off

Despite good intentions, many VTO programs are not well utilised. Maac Work gives businesses a way to increase participation, effectiveness, and success.

Social Responsibility

Employees' maac projects can be a great way to give Corporate Social Responsibility programs an innovative and creative boost.

Employee engagement

Prosocial behaviour has been demonstrated to improve meaning and engagement at work, increasing both productivity and satisfaction.

Certified training for coaches

Our online training certifies coaches to deliver the Maac Work Program to businesses and other organisations.

The Maac Work Program is a step-by-step method to guide people in creating small, personalised projects with positive impact. These projects can be focused within an organisation or extend to the wider community.

Our training in a nutshell

Personalised online training

Ready to implement workshops

Ongoing support

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Done over six 90 minute Zoom sessions, the masterclass includes the theoretical background behind Maac, a description of the 18 exercises that make up the Maac Work Program, and discussion.

  • Theoretical background: Self Determination Theory, Altruistic Motivation, Behavioural Change
  • The Maac Work Program: The 18 exercises, suggestions for running a group, additional tips for smooth workshops.
  • Discussion: With a small group of diverse, but like-minded people, discussions are often the richest learning experiences. Here we share ideas of why certain exercises may work better in certain situations, possible hiccoughs, and other ideas.

After attending the Masterclass, you are not left on your own! The masterclass can feel like a lot of information to digest and apply effectively. Many coaches feel reassured that they only need to prepare for their first workshop, which is followed by a debriefing session with Evie or Matthieu, to discuss issues, questions and reflections that came up. Because we are still small, we are able to do personalised supervision for our first coaches who sign up. This will no doubt shift into small group drop-in meetings as Maac develops.

We hold weekly online drop-in meetings. These are helpful to share questions and best practices with other coaches and feel a part of the Maac community.

  • Facilitator Manual: This is your personal workshop guide, with a description of the 18 exercises, including Objectives, Background, Procedure, Instructions, and Additional Tips. Available as a pdf, or as a hardcopy upon request.
  • Participant Workbook: To make the exercises easier for your workshop participants, this includes worksheets for the exercises, and space for taking notes and exploring ideas. Available as a pdf, or as hardcopies upon request.
  • Slide Templates: We provide you with a deck of slide templates to make preparing your workshops easier. This includes Introduction, Objectives, Instructions for each of the exercises, as well as links to videos and other material.

We regularly update exercises and add others. We also plan to create videos of additional theory and an online resource library; all ‘early-adopters’ will have full access.

You will be listed on our website as a certified Maac Coach (pending certification of course!). This will be organised by location and available to businesses interested in applying Maac.

If you feel the training hasn’t been useful, we would be grateful if you let us refund your payment. Anyone who is less-than-enthusiastic is bad for a small-but-growing business like ours. In addition, ethically it doesn’t sit well with us. So we have a money-back guarantee, no questions asked. Just tell us within 30 days if you don’t think it brought you the value you expected and we will give you a refund.

Class size is limited to 8 people. This ensures an interactive and personalised training session where everyone gets to know each other.

Differentiation is one of the biggest challenges for coaches. Maac addresses two key, but underserved, needs of businesses: innovative CSR initatives and more effective ways to use VTO  (Volunteer Time Off) and similar social impact needs.

The current economic and health crisis means that some businesses may have lighter workloads for their employees and yet still want to keep them on payroll. Using the Maac Program as a way to find social impact projects is a good way to keep employees engaged and contribute to the greater good.

Finally, if you ignore the name and focus on the core of the program, the Maac Work Program can be adapted to people not working, with the workshops done online instead of the workplace.

  • As a coach, you know how powerful it can be when you make a difference for someone you're working with.
  • For every Maac Work Program  you run, you will be responsible for making a difference not only in the lives of the 8 - 10 'maac makers' attending the workshop, but also in the lives of the people their projects impact.
  • If each maac project impacts on average 10 people, for each Maac Work Program you hold, you can impact about 100 people.
  • Holding one a month means you positively impact over 1000 people a year, and if you manage one a week (ambitious but possible), that's 5000 people a year!

The core concepts underlying the maac program - social connection, intrinsic motivation, behaviour change, and our vision of human nature - are relevant to many aspects of life. The training can be a good way to gain a basic understanding of these concepts for some, and deepen the understanding for others.

  • More effective use of volunteer time off (VTO) and similar schemes.
  • Innovative and effective ideas for corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Stronger team cohesion.
  • Increased social impact.

  • There are so many! For the Maac Work Program, the projects can be focused on creating positive impact within the company (internal maacs) or within the larger community (external maacs).
  • Examples of projects within the company are creating a cycle-to-work campaign or remaking the elevator into a “gratitude lift.” Examples of projects within the larger community are making thematic crossword puzzles for the elderly or giving drum lessons to disadvantaged teens.

  • The training for coaches is done over six 90 minute sessions (or three 3 hour sessions) delivered via Zoom.

  • Once trained, coaches deliver the workshops to lead people to find their project. The workshops  are designed to be done over about 8 hours, split into two or three half-day sessions.
  • There are five steps to the process (Collection, Creativity, Clarification, Motivation, and Planning) with 18 exercises to choose from.

  • Although originally designed to be delivered in an office environment, the Maac Work Program is particularly suited for the current situation, with more people at home.
  • The program is adaptable to be delivered online. Coaches can do the Maac Work Program in an office with a small group of employees, or via a video-conferencing tool to a small group of employees working in the same company.
  • Equally important, however, is that the Maac Work Program is just as effective for people in non-work environments. Coaches can implement the program via Zoom or a similar video-conferencing tool, to small groups of people in various situations that are particularly relevant in today’s context.
    • People over 65 who are discouraged from fully engaging in activity.
    • People taking care of a family member with elevated risk.
    • People experiencing a decrease in professional activity or unemployment.
    • Anyone struggling with feeling less ‘useful’ and engaged.

  • The training and certification costs 345€ per person.
  • We imagine this is easily recovered by the fees you charge for your first workshop.
  • We are a non-profit, so there is no additional VAT.
  • Don't hesitate to contact us with any other questions.

  • You become a certified Maac Coach by following up the online training with your first workshop and supervision and evaluation. Pending certification, you will be listed on our website and recommended to businesses interested in finding coaches delivering the Maac Work Program.

Register for our next scheduled training

We plan trainings at regular intervals, with our next dates in Spring 2021. Each session is limited to 8 people, so we recommend registering now to express your interest.

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“We often overlook a key element in the ideal work environment: The opportunity to contribute to others.”

Matthew Lieberman, UCLA