massively accessible

We need to democratize helping on a massive scale. Our goal is for maacs to be a common noun like moocs. Where moocs responded to our fundamental desire to learn, and gave that opportunity to everyone, maacs respond to the fundamental desire to make a difference, and give that opportunity to everyone. In line with open-source philosophy, our maac maps are free, step-by-step guides in many forms (pdf booklet, slides, app) to help people help others.

actions for change

Actions for change means anything that gives the person a feeling that he has helped someone else or made the world a little bit better. It can be starting a local campaign to promote cycling, starting a monthly hiking initiative with local teens, or gathering friends to give concerts for a good cause. The important thing is not the action itself, it is giving everyone the right to see themselves as a change agent.

Revisiting our view of helping

Our society is designed to help people who need help - there are programs that provide homework help to inner city youth, other programs that provide art classes and movie nights to people in retirement homes, or programs that teach job skills to people in prisons... This is all good, but we are leaving out the most important: the right to help others.