Rose's Questions

The following example is fictional, but a realistic example of a possible action for change.

Rose worked as a primary school teacher from 1958-1992. Remembering that her studentsalways enjoyed activities that broke with routine, as part of the maac program, she came up with the idea of a letter-exchange across 3 generations. She sent an email to the teachers at the local school to see if they would like to start a letter-exchange with residents of the retirement home.

Every month, the students of the 2nd grade classroom write a letter to their pen-pal at the retirement home, beginning with a few sentences of pleasantries and followed by a question they decided on together in class (“What do you remember about your job?” or “What do you remember about the moon landing?” or “What do you remember about 8th grade?”). Mrs Salere, the 2nd grade teacher, is happy because it gives the students practice writing, a real understanding of history, and no doubt some lessons in empathy as well. Rose is happy because she has given the other residents an opportunity to share their stories and feel useful.