Juliette's Library

The following example is fictional, but a realistic example of a possible action for change.

Juliette is 83 years old and living in a semi-independent retirement home. Juliette spent thirty years working for a television station in Paris. She never married and sees herself as someone who enjoys her solitude. She doesn't particularly like the planned activities in the retirement home. She did however, agree to participate in the maac program and found it very rewarding.

During the brainstorming session, Juliette came up with the idea of creating a library for the retirement home. It gave her days a sense of purpose as she spent a couple hours each day in her new role as librarian, classifying and labeling the books, and exchanging a few words with the residents who came to check them out. Despite her self-proclaimed introversion, she realized she enjoyed these brief moments of social connection and looked forward to her library time each day.

The fabric of Juliette’s days has changed, the other residents have books to read as well as another meeting place, and the retirement home has a new library that will continue for years to come, giving Juliette a sense of accomplishment and pride that she has left a legacy of sorts.