Henry's Travel Diaries

The following example is fictional, but a realistic example of a possible action for change.

Henry traveled a good deal after he retired from his work as an executive in an automobile company. Still in good shape at 85, but living in an assisted-living facility, Henry enjoyed looking through his photo albums and remembering the feeling of traveling, of discovering new people, places, and ideas.

After taking part in a maac program, Henry wondered if he could develop his love of travel and photography into a project. With the help of his grandson, he transferred his photos onto his computer and put together a slide presentation to share with the other residents. The small group of residents who watched his presentation were interested in Henry’s photos but also in sharing their own. Henry was thrilled, and the sardonically named "Too Old to Travel Diaries" was born. Each month, Henry organizes the travel diary session, scheduling who will present, and helping them put their photos onto a slide presentation. He also leads the discussion after with the speaker. He enjoys the sense of connection and stimulation he gets from planning and helping lead the monthly meetings.