Beatrice's Take-Out Dinner

The following example is fictional, but a realistic example of a possible action for change.

Beatrice loves to cook and misses being able to do so now that she moved into a retirement home. She is not inspired to make elaborate, or even relatively simple, meals if it’s only for herself. Beatrice worked as a nurse part-time while raising her three children in the 70s. She always loved to cook but remembers that time as feeling overly busy and regretting that dinner time became a burden instead of a moment of pleasure and relaxation at the end of the day.

As part of the maac program, Beatrice thought that she could make a meal a week for a family in her town, to bring that sense of pleasure and relaxation to a busy young family. She found the Martin family - Celine, Eric, and their two children Luca, 12, and Max, 9 - who appreciate the the kinds of traditional meals Beatrice likes to cook. Beatrice cooks them a meal every Tuesday and leaves it at the front desk for one of the family members to pick up on their way home from work or school. Beatrice loves cooking - choosing what to cook, looking through old and new cookbooks, the comforting aromas in her kitchen as she is cooking, and this gives her an excuse to do so. In addition, Beatrice has a sense of satisfaction to know that she is feeding a family and giving them one night a week of relaxation.